Player News

Summer 7s Practice schedule:

Impett on Tues / Thurs @ 6:00pm

Summer tournaments will be announced soon.

Fall Dues:

Deadline 8/1/17 - When paying online, enter your shirt size for the new practice tops. Every player will receive one gray and one maroon dri-fit training shirt to be worn at practices upon receiving due payment.

Fall Schedule:


Game Day

Players should arrive at
Impett  for all home games between 11:00 - 11:30am. 

Away game transportation will be provided for all players who meet at PJ's at the announced time during practice.
If the team bus is not operational we still meet at PJ's, but be prepared to drive or obtain a ride from another player.
Matches begin at 1:00pm with a potential B-side match immediately following.

Bring your 'A' game and play like gentlemen. 
All players, old boys, and supporters are encouraged to attend the social at
PJ McIntyre's Irish Pub  after all home matches. Bring your Hawaiian!​